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Oct 25, 2019 tutorial on the use of radio mobile online. To learn how to use radio mobile, a free software that provides a detailed propagation model for radio. The environment in which radio mobile works and how it interactes with the world. Radio amateurs best asset, rig and rotor control, logging, digital modes, and satellite. This scenario is often used when external schedulers handle the playlist of a radio automation program. Radio mobile makes it possible to simulate one or more radio links and perform what if. It mentions dmr network architecture,dmr air interface,dmr channel types,advantages of dmr digital mobile radio etc. Program rt3s radio by pc software is a basic operation, it will make your communication more easily. The outputs resulting from the program are under the entire responsibility of the user, and the user should conform to restrictions from external data sources.

Plan your enduser training strategy before software roll. Designed for the commercial, government, amateur radio and shortwave listener communities, this software provides a powerful interface for all sdr users. Using a manufacturers programming software you configure the channels and operating parameters of a radio, this file is uploaded to the radio. The first group is the core that holds all files that are language independant. The program simulates rf propagation and is for free to the amateur radio community. Radiomobile takes fire and ems departments beyond the reach of broadband, connecting them with missionready solutions that are dependable. By combining dem data and free overlay maps, it is. The mathematical model of the program predicts the performance of the microwave links depending on various input parameters. A free online amateur version of the program has now been launched which can be accessed by any web browser, you can generate your own account and password for access and this removes the requirement to run radio mobile on your own computer. Softwaredefined radio sdr is a radio communication system where components that have been traditionally implemented in hardware e. While analog fm is basically frequency and ctcss, dmr can be a bit more intimidating. Jan 20, 2020 radio mobile is split in to 2 file groups. Radio mobile online online rf propagation simulation software. Radio mobile online is the online version of the popular rf propagation tool radio mobile by roger coude.

I hope that this website will be your guide for radio mobile and in to the exciting world of radio planning. Home public safety mobile data technology products in. Simulation and software radio for mobile communications. Stream radio from mobile free internet radio tunein. The following is a description of a simple network setup, complete with a complimentary set of selfinstalling files which includes the required height srtm data to produce my base network. Pilih menu file, pilih open map, buka map yang akan digunakan, file berekstensikan. Today we will take the rt3s as an example to introduce how to program through programming software. Something to make the new user a bit more comfortable. In this tutorial i will show you how to load hourly. Building a code plug can take many hours, especially if you want to program hundreds of channels. In just 3 clicks, start broadcasting with the radioking manager. Rt3s dual band digital radio uses digital mobile radio dmr tier 2 standard protocol.

Live broadcasting software to connect to your internet radio station. Enjoy our free 7 day demo and create your radio easily with the online manager. Radio technology and radio frequency design or rf design are key to the operation of many items like radios, mobile phones, wifi routers and many other radio based devices. Dmr digital mobile radio dmr radio basics tutorial. Radio technology radio is now a key part of everyday life everything from broadcast radio to mobile communications and much more. Radio mobile is packaged in a version and language specific file. The outputs resulting from the program are under the entire responsibility of the user, and the user should conform to. Click here to add the radio mobile tutorial to your bookmarks.

Ham radio deluxe is the worlds most popular ham radio software. User group for the software package called radio mobile by roger coude, ve2dbe. For commercial users, you may find my wifi coverage. Simulate the transmission of waves between two radio links, or a fixed site, and a mobile radio spot. Managers and it departments often rush to deploy the latest and greatest software without considering the need to train endusers in its use. It is not intended to be the ultimate guide, but more of a basic understanding of how dmr works. The second group are the programs that are version specific. Also some parts of the software is not well explained in the help. Radio mobile rf propagation simulation software the. Radio mobile rf propagation simulation software how to. While it cannot prove that a link is 100% possible, radio mobile can prove that a link is not possible or would be very difficult. Keys formatted like asdfqwerzxcvasdf will not work. Manage your media and stream live to your internet radio station with windows based broadcasting software nextkast follow this nextkast setup tutorial to.

Radio mobile is a free radio propagation simulation program which. Vhfuhf propagation mapping software free for personal use downloads terrain data from internet manages database of units and networks models radio wave propagation, including obstacles, fresnel zones, and ground cover visualizes resulting signal strength on maps. Download ham radio deluxe software, user guides, manuals. Introduction i found that when introducing my friends to radio mobile, that they had difficulty in setting up their first map and network to obtain an initial working display. Radio mobile tutorial pdf simulation can now be achieved by using the radio mobile program. Radio mobile online is a development of roger coude in which he adapted the engine in radio mobile so that it will operate on the web as a online rf tool. Ham radio deluxe software radio amateurs best asset.

It will all makes sense when the pieces fit together. This book primarily uses the excellent simulation software matlab. Jul 31, 2018 just take two way radio digital voice systems for example. Listen to hundreds of real radio stations for free. Radio mobile training materials for wireless trainers wednesday, march 6, 20 this 60 minute talk gives an introduction on radio mobile, a free software for windows that provide a detailed simulation tool for wireless networks using freely available digital elevation maps. Radio propagation is an extremely complex subject by its very nature and thus propagation simulation software such as radio mobile can often be very intimidating on first use. Radio mobile is a free propagation simulation program written by roger. This tutorial covers basics of dmr digital mobile radio system. Radio mobile online online rf propagation simulation. That software license server was replaced in july 2019. This tutorial will walk you through obtaining and installing the software. These files are packaged in the file rmwcore and can be downloaded by the following link.

The howtos give direction to many different tasks that can be performed using radio mobile. With any new software it always becomes easier to use when you become more familiar with its operation. Create a radio spot on your mobile phone or other devices. In the program all functions of radio mobile are described. Radiomobile provides the technology that helps fire and ems save lives by creating customizable hardware and software networking tools that help them operate more safely and effectively. Download ham radio deluxe software and hrd product manuals ham radio deluxe software. There are other descriptions of radio mobile installation and program use on rogers website. Radio mobile is dedicated to amateur radio and humanitarian use. Here is a short demonstration showing some of the features of radio mobile a vhfuhf path prediction program written by roger ve2dbe.

Cu, remko pe1mew click on the subject of your interest in. I am not the author of this spectacular software, i have just provided an installer here. Read this before you download and install this software. Jan 20, 2020 to this website dedicated to radio mobile. Defintions to understand terms that are being used in radio mobile. May 2009 it is an instructional video for the rf propagation prediction program called radio mobile created by roger coude ve2dbe. Manage your media and stream live to your internet radio station with windows based broadcasting software nextkast follow this nextkast setup tutorial to get up and running in a couple of minutes. This paper is simply another alternative description to assist with understanding and using the radio mobile program. Dec 14, 20 simulation and software radio for mobile communications.

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