Firewave surround sound for mac

In addition, the unit features an extra firewire port so other devices can be chained through it. Im pretty new here, though i posted over a year ago here with a few questions as a beginning switcher. I looked at my options, listed here in order of expensiveness. From what i have read surround sound gaming is by and large unsupported on the vast majority of games and when it is supported that support is somewhere between crap and useless. So i made a discovery about the mac pro and macs in general they do not support the 3 minijack surround system that 90% of windows and linux machines use.

If you really wanted a surround sound system, you could either keep your existing receiver and use that or pick up a powered surround system from, e. Firewave has dolby digital processors to bring surround sound to macs for gaming, dvd players and itunes. I dont care if it has the true surround sound effect, its for music. The creative sound blaster extigy was released in 2002 and is capable of passing digital audio from your mac to optical audio output over usb. Griffins firewave outputs surround sound via firewire. Firewaves small size makes it easy to incorporate into any computer setup, and makes it portable enough for use with laptops. Gear your mac is able to output an encoded dolby ac3 stream to a surround amplifier through the audio jack. Use this link to view the article on our current site. Fraud warning read our simple safety guidelines to protect against scams and fraud. Griffin technology today announced that they have started shipping firewave, their 5. Griffin firewave surround sound system sign in to comment. Also on firewaves rear panel, to the right of the audio ports, are two standard firewire 6pin ports. Griffin 4019firess firewave surround sound for macs.

The firewave has pro logic 2 support compared to the zalman which hasnt. It is a usb device that gives your mac full and real 5. Firewave, which has a small footprint, gets its power through its firewire connection to the computer, so no separate cables or power supplies are required. The system gets its power from your desktops or laptops firewire port and boasts a firewire port. The griffin firewave is a nifty new device that now makes this possible. Hi guys this is my video on how to enable ac3 passthrough 5. Griffin technology today announced firewave, a new firewire accessory that brings 5. I know this has been discussed with the old mbp models but i didnt see a resolved answer also i didnt see anyone discuss this on the mbp 2011 model. Griffin firewave surround sound for mac model 4019firess. Although the drivers are made for windows, the unit is plugandplay and should work fine under mac os x 10. I cant tell for sure because my mac isnt wired for 2 channel sound. A couple other noteworthy digital audio solutions exist, but they have been discontinued. I have got a mid 2007 imac and a creative inspire p7800 7. Griffin firewave sound card specs cnet even without appleis soon to be griffin firewave itv home entertainment gritfin, your mac can serve as the center of your home theater system.

Of course it will enable playback of dvds in the industry standard dolby digital, supporting. To directly answer your base question, it is actually very easy to set up surround sound and use a mac as a primary entertainment device. Get a dumpster surround sound system to play from my macbook. As griffin firewave has dolby digital processor, so i think i will be getting 5. Griffin technologys multichannel gift to fruit lovers. Griffins firewave brings surround sound to your mac. Even without apples soon to be released itv home entertainment product, your mac can serve as the center of your home theater system.

I know that theres a headphone output jack and an audio input jack on the imac. Griffin announces firewave, surround sound for macs. The firewave is a small buspowered firewire device designed for use with a modern mac. Brings surround sound to your mac specially designed to bring surround sound to your mac, the griffin firewave comes with a dolby digital and dolby pro logic ii adaptive matrix surround decoder plus powerful software to unleash all the audio potential whether watching movies, listening to music or playing games. Get a dumpster surround sound system to play from my. On my mac i would like surround sound on my movies. This week, griffin technology released firewave, a 5. Surround sound for mac the griffin firewave gives you what you have been missing in your mac experiencesurround sound. Firewave surround sound for mac if not, can anyone recommend anything else. The controls operate via the preferences button and are quite intuitive. Imac surround sound how to hook up speakers nov 3, 2010. Griffin firewave challenge with the imac and any other mac on the market today is the only way to output 5.

Instead, they will only output surround sound through an optical port. One for the 2 front speakers, one for the 2 back, and one for the center channel and subwoofer. Buy a griffin firewave and connect it to my mac and thats all i need to do. Griffins firewave can turn most any mac into a fullon home entertainment audio system. However this dose not deature me, so i need a little help. And with griffins firewave, you can add true surround sound. Even with nondigital surround sound, you still gain something a bit better than traditional 2channel stereo. Griffin 4019firess firewave surround sound for mac.

Im using the firewave on my mac mini because the sound output of the mac just suddenly quit working. Combined optical digital audio outputaudio line out minijack. Does it ever feel like your pcloving friends are having all of the 5. My switch completed in christmas of 2005 with a late 05 power mac g5 dualcore 2. As griffin firewave has dolby digital processor, so i. It receives dolby digital and dolby pro logic ii digital signals through its firewire port and generates 2v linelevel audio signals on six surround sound output channels that are physically routed through three 3.

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